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Pastor E. A. Adeboye at May 2021 Holy Ghost Service Tagged: God Bless You (part 5) ‘Overflowing Blessings’

Genesis 1:28

The word replenish means refill, to fill up something that had been emptied. He is saying from on you are a blessing, bring blessings to others, let your blessings overflow to others.
Proverbs 3:9-10, when you honour God with your first fruit the blessings that will come will overflow to others.
Malachi 3:10, He is not saying when He open the windows of Heaven to you there will not be enough room to receive, He is not saying that the extra blessing be wasted.
Deuteronomy 28:1-12, when God says if you hearken diligently to the Word of God and all that He commands you, He said blessings will be pursuing you and overtake take you, He is saying out of that abundance, you will lend to nations, your blessings will overflow to others.
I know that God has already blessed many of you, to be sure let me decree once again, God bless you!

The blessing is to make you a blessing. Genesis 12:1:3, when God blessed Abraham,  He said I will bless you and you shall be a blessing. All of you listening to me today particularly children of God from this moment onward you will become a blessing.

A blessing is a summon to all forces in heaven, earth and under the earth to help you to succeed. The results of God saying you are blessed is:
1. You will be fruitful: which means you will reproduce yourself
2. Multiply: meaning that not only are you to be fruitful but you must be fruitful rapidly.
3. Replenish the earth: meaning that your reproduction will be so fast you will get to a stage that your blessings will begin to overflow.

The greatest person in Heaven is God, Isaiah 66:1. Today for your blessings to overflow rapidly, we will look at things only God can give that you will receive and overflow to others. You will receive these blessings and overflow to others.

1. Joy:
Joy can be in categories, Luke 2:10, we read about great joy. Matthew 2:10, we read about exceeding great joy. 1 Peter 1:8, we read about joy unspeakable. All these joys can only be found in the Lord, Psalms 16:11.
Consequently the one who stays permanently in God’s presence has the ability to be always full of Joy. I decree that your joy will be full. When you have fullness of joy, you are to use that joy to cancel sorrow in others.

The one who spoke about joy unspeakable is Peter, how did he know about joy unspeakable? He had it because everything he did, he did energetically.
Acts 9:36-41, when people had sorrow when Dorcas died, all the widows who knew that their source of joy had gone they sent for the man who knew joy unspeakable, Peter. Peter went there and turned their sorrow to joy.
I decree to everyone of you today, from now on, wherever you arrive sorrow will depart.

– Peace:
Peace is also in categories.
John 14:27, peace of God
2 Thessalonians 3:16, peace always by all means
Philippians 4:7, the peace of God that passes all understanding.
When we talk of peace, when you have that peace, we are supposed to use it to bless others who are going through turbulence. Peter had that peace in Mark 4:35-41. Acts 12:5-11
There are some of you listening to me whenever there is a little problem we have prayed but we can’t sleep at night. I thank God for giving me that kind of peace because once I have prayed, particularly when I am Sure that there is no quarrel between me and God I sleep. That kind of peace of God that passes all understanding, I decree God will give to you today.

Acts 9:36-41, the widows sent for Peter.   Peter got there and there was storm by the time he finished there was peace. I pray in the Name that is above every other name, whenever there is a storm and they send for you, your presence will still the storm.

– Prayer:
The ability to pray particularly the kind of prayers that will be answered by fire is a gift of God. Jeremiah 33:3, to pray until answers comes is a gift from God. There are some people who are naturally gifted they can pray, there are people the Lord loves so much that before they pray for one hour answers has come if you are one of those people you are supposed to use your ability to pray to help others, your blessing is to overflow to others. James 5:16-18 asks us to copy Elijah.
Let me thank all of you for praying for Nigeria and asking for mercy for Nigeria. In the name of Jesus Christ there will be no third wave, I encourage you that we need to pray again.

Why must you help others with prayers? James 5:13-15, if you can pray very well use your prayers to pray for those whose prayers has not been enough.
Every stranger causing trouble in your home, the Almighty God will uproot them.

– Ability to praise God:
There are some of us for example we can’t even sing but some can sing beautifully, how many of us can even play an instrument. The blessing of praising God is a great blessing because it draws God near you.
John 4:23-24, Psalm 67:1-7
If you have the special ability to praise God, use that ability to praise God. David had the special ability to praise God, Psalms 34:1. What did he do with the ability? 1 Samuel 17:15-23
Your praise can bring relief to others, your praise can draw God near to someone who needs the presence of God urgently.

– Faith:
Faith is a tremendous blessing because if you have faith then you are able to please God. Hebrews 11:6, Mark 11:22-23, Mark 9:23. If you are a man of faith use your faith to help others.
Matthew 15:21-28, she used her faith to obtain deliverance for someone else. How did she get this great faith, there is a faith that is a gift of the Holy Spirit.

Ask for that kind of faith when you pray today. For everyone of you listening to me today, I forbid death, sorrow, tragedy, failure I allow success, promotion, prosperity. I say right now with the little faith God has given me, every false prophecy concerning you ‘na lie’

– Anointing:
Anointing is a tremendous blessing from God because anointing activates your destiny. Acts 13:21-22, 1 Samuel 16:1-13
Those listening to me, in the name of the God who called me, all those who can help you and are delaying, from today they won’t know any rest.

Anointing will destroy your yoke, Isaiah 10;27, anointing guarantees protection , Psalm 105:15 but this anointing must overflow to others.
Acts 10:38 help the helpless with your anointing, decree an end to curses, 2 Kings 2:19-22. Use your anointing to help your city, 2 Kings 7:1-20.
Join your anointing with mine and together we decree that the siege of Nigeria will be over, the siege of your own country will be over too. When you are anointed let it flow to others 1 Sameul 22:1-2, 2 Samuel 23:1-39
As you are listening to me now, I decree that part of the Anointing God has anointed me with will flow out to you.
The Almighty God says you are blessed, be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth, your blessing will overflow.

I am appealing to those who have not given their life to Christ, you don’t know what you are missing, there are tremendous blessings meant for children of God. Why don’t you give your life to Christ so that you can have joy, peace. Wherever you are now , cry to the Almighty God to save your soul. Those of us who are already children of God, intercede for them that the one who saved your soul will save their souls.

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