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– Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia Abuja on “THE MYSTERIES OF THE KINGDOM.”

* It is the Holy Spirit who sustains the ability to guide men into all truth.

* If you are foolish enough to follow, you will find rest.

* Your life becomes a sign and a wonder at the instance of his leadership.

* The means of achieving a desired result predictably is called a pattern.

* God is not only a great and mighty God, He is a God of patterns

* When it has to do with walking with God, creativity is not needed, it is obedience and surrender

* Doctrine is the course curriculum that builds the believer into maturity.

* You only succeed in this Kingdom to the degree to which you build according to patterns.

*Patterns give you sustainability and predictability to your result

* Masters don’t fear. They are saturated by the ordinances that keep them on top.

Father we thank you. It remains an honour and indeed a privilege to worship, to give you praise, to learn to grow to be built and to be established. This is your atmosphere and we are your people. We have come as proof that we trust you, we have come as proof that we love you. We have come as proof that we need you. Breathe upon us tonight that the times we’ll have left in your presence fellowshipping as a body of believers let it not be a waste in the name of Jesus. We declare tonight that there is a hearing of faith and even the working of miracles. Let Jesus and him alone be glorified. Amen and Amen.

Give me an encounter o God that will change my life. Please lift your voice and pray.

🎶 For the way of the Lord is the way of wisdom, I choose the way of the Lord.🎶

The Bible declares, there is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. It is the Holy Spirit who sustains the ability to guide men into all truth. John 16:13.

🎶Step by step he leads me and I will follow him all of my days🎶

The Bible says and your ears shall hear a voice saying “this is the way, walk ye in it.” And if you are foolish enough to follow, you will find rest. There is rest in his leadership. When the Holy Ghost leads us, Psalm 23:1-3. He does it for his name sake, as a responsible creator.

It pays to respect the leadership of the Holy Spirit. You may not look like it, but if you can submit to the leadership of the Holy Spirit, the Rabbi of the ages, he is a master of leading men to the place of destiny. In the midst of the confusion, he guides you, he leads you until he finds a haven, your life becomes a sign and a wonder at the instance of his leadership. He is worth your attention. He leads by his word. He leads by his voice. So everytime we gather we are not just here to honour a program or to listen to a man, more than that, we are proof of our hunger for his leadership.

One moment of a genuine encounter with his word, when that word comes as light, it is able to take you to realms unimagined. God is able to lead men to the place of destiny otherwise why is it God? He is able to lead us, he is able to guide us. Our assignment is to trust his leadership and submit to his principles. It is a foolish student who argues with a lecturer. When he guides you, don’t change the formular. Be foolish enough to respect what he gives you to the latter and all that would be left at the other side of your obedience is a sign and a wonder, a fearsome testimony. You would be the first one who is even afraid of your own testimony. It is true.

I believe him. I believe his leadership. He does not waste our time, no. You have given your attention to things and people of lesser value. It pays to pay attention to him. Give him a chance to turn you life into a sign and a wonder. Church Gist. Do not sit around wondering and arguing- can God do something about my life? This is the Ancient of days. He is a master at making men. It is not only the maker of Heaven and earth. He is a maker of men.

🎶Ancient words ever true, changing me and changing you. We have come with open hearts so let the ancient words impart.🎶

Jeremiah 6:16. The Holy Spirit comes knocking, beckoning on as many people who can pay attention to him. I can turn you to a sign and a wonder he says, it is up to you to take the risk and believe me enough.

Listen to be transformed. You can listen just for information but you can listen intentionally for the purpose of meditation.


God is a God of patterns. A pattern is a modus operandi. A prescribed or authorized methodology. A formular. The means of achieving a desired result predictably is called a pattern. God is not only a great and mighty God, He is a God of patterns. From Scripture, we see that he hardly does the same thing twice. When he starts a process, he would reveal it as a dimension of himself and then he would surround it with a spiritual pattern for his continuity. He made the first man and the first woman and he never had to make a man or woman again. He designed a pattern in them for the continuity of the human race. He did the first planting and watering and created a pattern around agriculture that makes for supplies. God is a God of patterns. Patterns are the correct way things are done. They are the pathways that guarantees predictable outcomes. It is on the strength of patterns that our christian experiences find predictability and even continuity.

In the dealings of God with men, we are not at liberty to invent our way of knowing or following God. When it has to do with walking with God, creativity is not needed, it is obedience and surrender. It is when it has to do with legislating on the behalf of the Kingdom, then you can bring in your creativity. But as far as following God is concerned, you need obedience and adherence. Men are not at liberty to invent their way of walking with God. There is a prescribed way of walking with God, in order to get results and then in order to live a fertile life, a divine pattern must be adhered to.

Success is proof that a divine pattern has been adhered to. Success at any level is proof that a divine pattern has been adhered to. Failure is also proof that a divine pattern has been ignored and violated. He is not only truth or light, he is the way. In Genesis 4, probably the first authentic representation of a man’s willful violation of God’s pattern outside of the garden. Genesis 4:1-7. First the man and then to his activity. There are consequences for violating divine patterns. There are consequences for being and living in ignorance. This is one of it. Frustration. Your christian experience becomes a pletora of frustrations.

Frustration that is prolonged has a consequence. It will push you into all kinds of things. Bitterness, envy, anger. Understand divine patterns. Divine patterns if violated have severe consequences. Results in this Kingdom do not just happen. Results are very methodical and predictable because they happen at an instance of spiritual patterns. Results are not just an issue of opinions or socialogical affiliations. Church Gist. Whoever can subscribe to that pattern, there is a guarantee and an investment of God’s integrity upon his patterns. Exodus 25:9, 40. Moses had to build a tabernacle in the wilderness similar to the one in heaven, in exactly the same pattern. Moses if it is my presence you want to secure, subscribe to my patterns. Exodus 40:16, 33-35.

There is a pattern for genuine salvation. You don’t get saved the way you want there is a prescribed pattern. Romans 10:8-10. Patterns- the spiritual quality control systems that guarantee that what comes out of it has the signature of God. There is a pattern for spiritual growth. We don’t just grow anyhow in this Kingdom there is a methodical spiritual approach that was given to the saints that if you administer it, like a drug to any spiritual patient, there is a guarantee. You can know you are growing not just because you’ve stayed long in church or have appointments in church. You can know you are growing if, and when you subscribe to the spiritual pattern and according to scripture, the pattern that is made for growth, is called doctrine. If you are not receiving the administration of doctrine, the possibility for growth is not there regardless where you are. Doctrine is the course curriculum that builds the believer into maturity. There is a pattern for church growth. A ministry does not just grow. There is a spiritual pattern that makes it happen. A company or business does not just grow, there are patterns for it. There is a pattern for wealth and abundance, it takes more than desire, more than business, more than an investment. It takes more than just a job to be transgenerationally blessed. There is a spiritual pattern. There is an economic system in this Kingdom by which the saints rise. Whoever can subscribe to it with understanding, inevitably, emerge carrying a testimony. There is a pattern for building your faith, if your faith is small and weak, you are violating a spiritual pattern that makes for the development of your faith. Faith cometh by hearing, but not just by hearing alone. You have to know how it comes and how it grows. You have to know how it is administered.

There is a pattern for the anointing. Just because it comes from heaven doesn’t mean it comes anyhow. Even in Heaven there are patterns. The construction of heaven was done with a pattern, the names of the 12 Apostles been the foundation itself. There is a way the anointing comes, and there is a way the anointing increases. There is a way the anointing is administered. A desire does not necessarily bring the anointing. There are different levels and dimensions of the anointing.

There is a pattern for activating favour in your life. Favour with God and favour with men. Luke 2:52. You need favour with men and God, not just God alone. Favour does not just happen like that, there is an intentional formular. For many years, we kept calling breakthrough- favour. If it happens only once, its breakthrough, It must be repeated to be favour regardless the circumstances. Proverbs 13:15. There is a pattern for building and maintaining relationships. They don’t just happen. Amos 3:3. There is a pattern for a model home. Psalm 112:2-3. There is a pattern for restoration. The possibility of recovery is a reality in the Kingdom. Everything gone can come back.  Ezekiel 37. There is a pattern for exemption.

It is a presence and walk of victory if only you understand the patterns that this life demands. John 10:10. You only succeed in this kingdom to the degree to which you build according to patterns. I can trust the works of my hands , I can trust tomorrow. Not just because I’m the one living it out but because of patterns I know I am following. If you are not following divine patterns, there is no guarantee for success even if it looks successful, you will be surprised at the instance at which things will change.


1. The manifestation of the glory of God. Exodus 40:16, 33-35. Building according to patterns secures and guarantees the glory of God. The manifest presence of God. Everytime God’s glory shows up, it comes as an attestation, as a validation that divine patterns have been followed. You will never experience the glory of God in your life until divine patterns are kept. Extraordinary results and favour comes not just in honour to prayers and request alone, they come as token of validation, proofs that I have walked in keeping with the divine patterns that makes for these possibilities. You must trust God for grace to stop shadowboxing. God by this truth is bringing us to a point of mastery where they can be predictability to your christian experience. Testimonies that happen in church every week is more than just the anointing of a man, there are patterns that are followed. Creation was designed to honour this patterns. Its like there are codes of possibilities. Creation will remain disobedient to you until they find you keeping in accordance with these patterns. You will be surprised how easy it is for you to be lifted and yet you can remain on the ground for a long time. The proof of favour is not money but the hearts of men. When God gives you the heart of men, you are really favoured. We must become spiritual archaeologists, like the magis (star gazers) look into the sky to discern signs that is responsible for results and for lifting.

2. Sustainable results:Matthew 7:25-27.
There are many sincere people who are under all kinds of limitations in life because they exalted prophecies, speakings of spirits, advices of men above the patterns of God.
Listen to me, If you never hear any audible voice and all you do is submit to the Scriptures, you will have the result that is greater than one who hears everyday and does not work in the patterns. You must subscribe to the patterns. You want to build something that last for a very long time, leaders are intentional people, they are men of mastery. Nobody wins the Olympics by mistake. Patterns give you sustainability and predictability to your result. When you succeed usually men will think you are lucky, but with sustained results there is no luck there.

I had the privilege of watching God’s servant, I couldn’t make it and I was watching the 40th anniversary of the Living Faith, while he preached at a point I stopped listening and I could imagine he said , ‘after 40 years we will still be doing this ‘ at 10 or 15 years ago and there were people who said ‘you are not sure’ but now after 40 years, when I look at Papa Copeland in his 80s speaking with such conviction, I said patterns are dangerously powerful. They look like they will fail, but you would keep walking with them for a long time and they will not fail. The simplicity of patterns is why they are not trusted. Patterns are deceptively simple. Spiritual patterns gives you predictability and sustainability. Fear your result if it just happen but if it happened by patterns rest.

3. Spiritual patterns gives us peace and confidence. It is one thing to have results but it is another thing to trust and to be secured in the result that you have. Isaiah 33:6. When you have wisdom and knowledge, it gives you stability. You no longer fear your results. No matter how anointed I am, if you give me 30 minutes or 2 hours and say cook this food, except the Holy Spirit appears to me, you will have to sign that whatever comes out, you will eat it like that. Why? It is not because the food cannot be made but there is a lot of guessing. You will be surprised that salt may be the first thing I add then just mix whatever the menu says and close it and say ” Lord unto you I commit this meal.” But there are some of you even if you have to cook for 20,000 people all you need is space and time. You will surprise us as though you are cooking for one person. Church Gist. Because you are cooking out of knowledge, you are not afraid of what you are doing. The number does not matter, the formular is the same. God is helping you take away fear. The moment you are afraid- can I or can I not deliver? That is a report card. Go back and become a master. Masters don’t fear. They are saturated by the ordinances that keep them on top. They are secured by it.
We must fade away fear from our lives. Leviticus 26:6. Many believers are afraid. We pray out of fear, we walk out of fear. Find peace- mastery of the patterns of God. You can secure his presence, you can know he is there. If it is the divine patterns of God, you can die believing him. I assure you. Before you make boast, be sure you are walking with his patterns because if you are not walking by his patterns, shame is eminent. But if by his patterns, then you can be sure that his divine patterns can give men all things that pertains unto life and godliness.

Listen to me, God in this season is going to be challenging a lot of you to do things. Daring things, ambitious things. You may do what you have never done in your life before, find rest and trust the patterns even if you do not trust yourself. God can only be Omega, if you let him become Alpha. The Bible is a coded compendium of spiritual patterns that leads to various kinds and various levels of extraordinary results. Isaiah 29:11-12. Your life is written in this book (Bible) directly and not just prophetically. But until God opens your eyes, you cannot see. Psalm 25:14, Matthew 13:11. These patterns are coded into a body of knowledge called mysteries. Ephesians 3:1-10.
Mysteries- when you hold them like a bunch of keys you can find rest knowing that your life must become exceptional. Behind results at work are these mysteries. They are the defense systems of masters. We make our boast in the Lord and in the strength of these mysteries we have held. God is bringing us to a place of mastery, noiseless victories. It is the results that would make the noise.

Prayer points

1. Lord, I am tired of shadow boxing, I want you to bring me to a place of mastery.
2. Lord, Open my eyes to see.
3. Father the door that stands before me now, what is the mystery to open it?


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